Responsible Investing Brochure

Responsible Investing: Your Values. Our Expertise. 

Parametric’s Responsible Investing portfolios are designed to allow investors to implement their values in a flexible, transparent and efficient manner via customized portfolio construction and a specialized proxy voting policy, or both.

Design The Exposure

  • Choose from licensed benchmarks, proprietary strategies, or a client-driven blend that creates a unique geographic footprint or investment style.


  • Choose to apply tax management for taxable portfolios; tax-efficiently transition portfolios in-kind.
  • Easily restrict sectors, industries, stocks, or change their weightings. Apply social screens.
  • Responsible Investing shareholder engagement options available.

Continuous Management

  • Tracking error and risk biases monitored continuously using multi-factor risk models.
  • Gain deferral, loss harvesting, and holding period management applied where appropriate.
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